Vaillant monitoring box installation

Installation support: 


Chris- 07833043760

Before you start Ensure:

-You take a picture of the boiler serial number and post it in the installation app as a BEFORE image(located on the badge at the bottom of the boiler)

·Have downloaded the app Vaillant VRC700 for connecting the box to Wi-Fi on the installers phone before attending the site. DO NOT ASK THE CUSTOMER TO DOWNLOAD THE APP

·Make sure the Wi-Fi on your phone is ON but it is NOT connected to customer's home Wi-Fi! If you have connected to the customer's Wi-Fi please go to settings and forget the network. 

·Make sure not logged into a previous account on the app from an older install (log out)

·You have the customers SmartServe order reference to will begin with HS.. You can find this in your installation app

·If the boiler is an EcoTec Plus 4 series Heat Only boiler follow the additional instructions at the end of this document

-If there is a smart thermostat or any other product connected to the boiler's ebus terminal it doesnt matter. You can add multiple products to the e-bus ports.

Customer account details:

Within the app you will be asked to provide a username, email and password. 

Username: Input customer reference number found in the SmartServe installation app it will begin with HS

Email: The email is the same for every install;

Password: The password is the same for every install; Homeserve1!

Installation Guide: