Eligibility criteria

You confirm you have a gas policy through HomeServe
You confirm you have accessible Wi-Fi at home and able to receive SMS alerts
You confirm you have a spare plug socket within three meters of your boiler
You confirm you have one of the following boilers from the Vaillant range
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Free BoilerSMS Service- How it works

The Vaillant Boiler Monitoring Box (also known as the VR920) is installed by the side of the boiler and connects to your home Wi-Fi. This allows HomeServe to monitor the health of your boiler and alert you via SMS if we detect any boiler performance issues. 

The Boiler Monitoring Box, installation of Boiler Monitoring Box and the boiler monitoring alerts are included as free.

Here's how to sign up

  • Complete the eligibility questions, fill in your details on the next page and we’ll send you a Vaillant monitoring box.
  • On the next page you'll also be able to book a professional installer to come and fit the box (and socket if required).
  • It takes two days for the box to register before it starts monitoring your boiler.
  • If it spots a problem, it’ll alert you via text message and we’ll arrange for a HomeServe approved engineer to come out and aim to get things up and running again.


The Vaillant monitoring box only works with the following boilers:

  • EcoTEC Pro, EcoTec Exclusive and EcoTec Plus
  • EcoFIT and EcoFit Pure
  • GreenIQ

The Vaillant monitoring box will NOT work with:

  • Boilers pre-2005
  • ecoMAX or TurboMax


Q. How long does the trial last?

A. It lasts approximately 12 months. We’ll be in touch at the end of the trial to tell you what happens next.

Q. What data will be captured?

A. We’ll only collect data from your boiler e.g. boiler water pressure and internal temperatures which will be shared with Vaillant.

Q. What happens if my broadband/power stop working?

A. During this time the box won’t be able to monitor your boiler. If this happens, give us a call on and help you get things working again. 

Q. Will I have to pay anything?

A. No – this trial is completely free for HomeServe gas customers. Just make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before you sign up.

Q. What boilers will the monitoring box work with?

A. At the moment the box will only work with compatible Vaillant boilers, however we’re busy developing the technology so it can be used with other boiler manufacturers.

Q. Will the monitoring box affect my broadband usage?

A. We're pleased to say that it uses minimal electricity and you shouldn't notice any difference with your broadband usage

How we will use your data:

As part of the BoilerSMS trial, HomeServe Membership Limited will collect and constantly monitor data generated by the Boiler Monitoring Box. This data relates to your boiler and central heating system and does not include any personal or personally identifiable information. We use the data we collect to:

· develop an algorithm, which would analyse such data and determine when a boiler isn’t functioning as it should be;

· alert you if the data identifies a fault on your boiler.

We will share your data with Vaillant Group UK Limited who is the manufacturer of the VR920. 

Contact us:

 If you have any more question you can contact us on 0203 0533 781.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

Privacy policy:

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