Nest Hello - Install Only

Eligibility criteria

You confirm you have accessible Wi-Fi
You confirm you have an existing wired doorbell
You confirm you have an existing doorbell chime

Get a professional engineer to install your Nest Hello!

Installing and pairing one (1) customer-supplied Nest Hello video doorbell in place of an existing

wired doorbell includes:

  • Assessing the existing doorbell hardware to determine compatibility.
  • Finding and assessing the existing chime and transformer
  • Measuring the existing voltage at the doorbell
  • Assessing whether the electrical system is in reasonable working condition
  • Assessing the placement of the Nest Hello and transformer (if required)
  • Discussing options with the customer for location of components
  • Replacing customer’s existing doorbell transformer with a new transformer
  • Providing compatible 16VAC - 24VAC, >10VA transformer and necessary materials (i.e.standalone enclosure if transformer cannot be located in consumer unit)
  • Installing the Nest chime connector
  • Installing the Nest Hello
  • Ensuring the Nest Hello has sufficient voltage
  • Helping connect the Nest Hello to an available Wi-Fi network
  • Providing a brief product demo
  • Walking through app settings to ensure the alerts, bandwidth settings,
  • Home/Away Assist and similar are set to their preferences
  • Performing a post-installation doorbell test

What's not included:

  • Device is not included, price is for installation of video doorbell only
  • Requires existing, compatible WiFi network to complete pairing, although device will function in standalone capacity if WiFi network is not available
  • No additional or replacement chime or wiring
  • Requires wired doorbell with accessible transformer
  • Will not cover some apartments with intercoms or multiple dwellings connected to the same doorbell system
  • If system requires additional work or non-standard add-ons, the technician will assess the work and quote the additional cost

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