Owning a ‘smart home’ has become as popular as owning a ‘smart phone’

2nd November 2016 By Rich

With huge amounts of advertising on the television and radio, smart heating controls are here to stay, as homeowners recognise they will allow them to gain total control of their central heating, making big cost savings.

It’s an exciting time for the heating industry, with smart thermostats bringing the sector into the technologically advanced world we live in today. Our research has revealed that one in three Brits agree that they could save money on their energy bills if they had a smart thermostat installed. 170,000 units have already been installed across the country by some of the national operators and our members have already installed 15,000 units. This is only set to increase throughout 2015.

Independent installers are enjoying additional revenue possibilities by offering smart thermostats. Once a smart thermostat such as Tado is installed, important information is visible to both the homeowner and installer. Information that reveals a problem with the boiler, an impending service due, or even a need for insulation. Information that ultimately leads to a solid future revenue growth stream.

Heating is no longer a standalone system; it can now form part of the connected home. And with more than 170,000 units already installed by some of the national operators, it is not surprising that many local independent installers are eager to capitalise while the market is young.