How to sell a smart thermostat in 5 easy steps

2nd November 2016 By Rich

Simple step-by-step guide to help you approach customers about the benefits of smart thermostats, in order to make that sale.

How to sell a smart thermostat in 5 easy steps

Have you heard that smart thermostats are a great revenue booster but you are not sure how to sell them? Are you aware that smart technology is a rapidly growing market, and one that’s about to change the heating industry significantly over the next twelve months? British Gas has developed and fitted over 170,000 Hive units, Google are in the marketplace with the Nest thermostat, and both are backed by heavy advertising campaigns. The Smart Installer Club has launched, offering installer discounts on some of the best smart controls on the market. There’s never been a better time to get on board with smart technology. Capitalise on the growing market and avoid being left behind. The Smart Installer Club has developed a simple step by step guide to help you approach customers about the benefits of smart thermostats, in order to make that sale.


  1. Understand if heating bills are an issue for customers. Find out what concerns the customer has over their heating. Have they noticed an increase in their energy bills and does this worry them? Are their heating bills becoming too costly to sustain? Are they looking for ways to reduce their bills each month?
  2. Ask customers about their plans to reduce bills. What are they doing to try to reduce their heating bills? Are they avoiding turning the heating on until the weather gets really cold? Are they rationing the heating over the cold winter months? Is this working? Are they aware of how much heating they are actually using /saving by using these approaches? Very often, the answer to this last question is ‘no’, which leads you on to what options they have to effectively reduce their heating bills for the long-term.
  3. Discuss cost-saving options available. It is worth highlighting to customers where they can avoid wasting energy, for example, taking extra care to ensure the heating is never on when the home is empty. Perhaps they would prefer to install a new more energy efficient boiler which could potentially save them over £300* a year in running costs? Or, are they aware of the benefits of installing a smart thermostat in their home? Customers are increasingly recognising that having an ‘intelligent’ home will allow them to reduce energy use and save money. Demand for smart thermostats is high and homeowners are looking to installers for advice on these devices. Whilst the investment could be £100 - £200, there are considerable savings to be made in the long run, as with a smart thermostat, you can use your phone or tablet to turn off the heating when you are out of the house.
  4. Run through the different types of smart thermostats. Signing up to, the free club for independent installers, provides you information on the devices on the market, knowledge on how to fit them, and guidance on how to explain the features to customers. Installers can download a free guide on the Smart Installer website. Some smart controls are simply remote controls and others are much more intelligent (such as tado, which is available at an exclusive members discount via**). tado° recognises when homeowners are in or out of the home and adjusts the heating accordingly, through a simple app. It gets to know customer’s homes and learns how to heat them up most efficiently, claiming to save homeowners over 30% on their heating bills.
  5. Reassure them of the simple installation and significant cost-saving potential. Installing smart thermostats are pretty straightforward, in fact not entirely different to fitting other controls. Once installed, one of the main benefits is that customers should be able to recover the cost within 12 months. Consider the low cost investment, speedy payback and the convenience of a quick, simple and tidy wireless installation - a win for installers as well as customers. Offering another product to customers, that can help them save money, is a great way to turn more boiler installation estimates into jobs.

**Smart Installers is a free club set up to provide installers with information and advice on the leading products on the market. It also offers a helpline to support with product queries and installations. Through the club, installers can purchase wholesale smart thermostats, which they won’t be able to find cheaper elsewhere. Visit

**According to the energy savings trust