Comparing the new Hive Active Heating™ 2 with the Tado Smart Thermostat

2nd November 2016 By Rich

Which is better?

With British Gas releasing their new Hive Active Heating™ 2 product, many people will be asking “What’s the difference?” and “Is it better than the other products on the market?”. So we thought we’d compare our current featured product - the tado° Smart Thermostat with the new offering from Hive to see how it stacks up.

Firstly, lets see what’s actually being introduced with the new Hive Active Heating™ 2 product; well surprisingly, it looks like the hardware itself has the majority of the updating here, with a shiny new design in collaboration with a ‘famous’ design entrepreneur and Dulux paint colours to add individuality, Hive have managed to make the device much more attractive and in-line with other devices on the market.

It seems however, that the rest of the ‘updates’ are within the control app itself and therefore are available to original Hive users as well. The only exception to this is the multi-zone control which will only be compatible with the new device and looking to launch in the Autumn of 2015.

Upgraded Hive features:

  • A new heating boost function for up to 6 hours
  • More heating and hot water schedule flexibility - allowing up six time slots a day
  • A new holiday mode setting, ‘sleeping’ your heating until you arrive home
  • Multi zone capability (coming in the Autumn of 2015)
  • Ability to add home-colour co-ordinated ‘surrounds’ to match your home with popular Dulux colours

The new Hive product will retail for £249 - including professional installation.

So what does it bring to the party that our feature product tado doesn’t?

Well, honestly, apart from the fancy colours - not much, if you compare the products side by side, the tado° still offers a lot more features for your money:

  • Smartphone compatibility - Both allow control of your heating and hot water from your smartphone
  • Scheduling - Both have scheduling options
  • Location technology - Hive will recognise when you’ve left home using location technology and inform you to turn your heating off, whereas tado° can do not only do that automatically, it can sense when you’re on your way home and pre-heat your home ready for when you arrive
  • Weather forecast integration - tado° will adjust your heating depending on the weather conditions outside - the Hive device won’t
  • Energy analysis and savings - Both will give in-depth energy usage statistics, but it is likely that the tado° will save you more money with it’s feature set being smarter
  • Multi-zone use - tado° have just introduced their multi-zone capabilities, Hive’s will follow in the Autumn of 2015
  • Price - for the end user, the price is similar, for a member of the Smart Installers club, installers are able to buy tado° devices as a significantly reduced rate

Many customers may see Hive as the ‘safe’ option if they are a British Gas customer, but in our eyes the tado° device and many other ‘smart thermostats’ on the market offer many more features for a similar, if not cheaper price. Independent installers really do have the capability to compete with British Gas on the smart thermostat front and being a member of the Smart Installers Club is a giant leap in the right direction.

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